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With the moby tracking solution, keep in touch with your family travelling on the road

For young drivers or the older ones that may require more monitoring.Our geolocation solution combines freedom and security.

His first moped, his first car or a long journey in perspective?

What would you say about getting a good night's sleep by getting a driving coach for your teens? This is an opportunity that improves the occasions where you leave your car keys to your teens who will quickly learn how to do socially responsible driving.

From a strickly educational point of view, mobybak can grow with your young drivers by giving you the tools to do a proper follow-up on their driving habits. It is a good way to make them aware of their responsibilities and to bring, in a constructive manner, the phenomenon of young people on the road at any time of the day.

This is an educative approach that provides an adequate security through the vehicle tracking in real-time. Several options are available to assist you with the implementation of the rules that you negociated with your young driver.

Your teen

Your teen on the road

You may be thinking that he's so young to be heading out on the road with his first moped or motorcycle. But denying him his freedom is not a solution. Start by teaching your teen to be a socially responsible driver. Try mobybak- the perfect driver's companion, safe and accessible for everyone. everyone.

Young drivers

Your young drivers

They finally have their first driver's license or learner's permit. You can't hold off change forever- you've been there, and now it's their turn. However, times have changed and road safety is a social issue. mobybak can turn young drivers into socially responsible drivers, so you can give them their freedom and have your own peace of mind.

Safety has no age limit

Safety is ageless.

Your parents are aging and you're worried about the long car or RV trip they're planning. You want to keep track of them and make sure everything is all right. Peace of mind can make for a pleasant trip for them...and for you. mobybakis the ideal companion to have on the road!

Moby I

299.99$ *

Moby I is designed specifically for all motor vehicles manufac-
tured since 1996. Demo. OBDll uses 4 protocols ,  Show Div

and we manage all of them. Any car brand or model can apply the easy-to-install Moby 1 if it meets post-1996 standards.

Buy Moby I

Moby II

299.99$ *

This solution is installed alone or with the help of a technician. Installation involves connecting the positive, negative and ignition of your vehicle's battery.   Show Div

No need for you to worry about battery life. The power is automatically disconnected when no movement is detected after 5 minutes. Additional consumption is minimal.

Buy Moby II

* Includes activation fee of the mobybak unit.